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Alternative: Tamarowa ~The "Marry into Riches" Battle Royale, where women with special circumstances gather around a hunk and aim for his money with their 100%~,タマロワ,タマロワ ~100%金目当て 資産35億のイケメンを巡る訳アリ女達の玉の輿バトルロワイヤル~
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Author(s): Mikoto Yamaguchi Mario
Genre: Drama, Harem, Psychological, Romance, Seinen, Smut,
Status: Ongoing

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What happens when several women with special circumstances compete for a rich handsome businessman's hand in marriage? Let the curtains rise on the “Courtship Battle Royale” show, where anything goes! Thus begins the beauty Gotou Yuuna's struggle to overturn her debt-straddled life!

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